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Sodalite Is the Best Influential Energy To Overcome The Current Energy Shift!

you don't have to purchase the stone to reap its amazing benefits. It's everything those being impacted by the current energy shift need right now. If you listen to the podcast then you know exactly what I am talking about. Equinox is doing its Job. We have Solstice applying its pressure right now and its full steam ahead.

By this point, you will completely relate to all of the benefits of this stone. I recommend carrying a raw piece. I always feel those are more for the "I need a higher dose" kind of vibes and the tumbled is more of an "in small doses" type of vibe.

If you're super frazzled or all over the place, I would get the raw or grab one of each and rotate or have a mixture on your for the next few weeks. Selenite, Hematite, and Black Tourmaline should be something to consider, it's the perfect blend for the outer shift that is going on.

Selenite is best raw, I'd stick to tumbled if you carry it on you and that includes the bra or an area that touches the skin. Avoid prolonged exposure to selenite on the skin (same area).

Remember we also have Equinox. Right now both of these are at a meeting point that is heightened. So as the Neutrinos come through, well all masks are completely off. You can read an increadibly accurate article on them at The article will tell you amazingly accurate facts about them. What you won't read is how the Neutrinos interact with our Auras. As you commonly hear me talk about, they carry memory. They are like "flash drives" of the Cosmos. Keeping your vibration high is allowing you to tap in.

This is how we High Vibes get our "downloads", its the way we just know things and tap in. It's similar to connecting to the tree of voices in Avatar. Tap in and gain ancient knowledge. It's amazing!

For those of you who have been working on mastering all of the Clairs, this energy is great for the "Clearing out your Closets" technique. Remember you can have any amount of boxes you want and you can label them however you want, you can do this exercise with any questions you have or situations you are working through.

This technique is also great for building your confidence with your intuition. Do you like what is back in the closet after the last clearing? The larger the space you used, the longer it will take for you to go through. Just a heads up. But seriously, when your door swings open and you have no expectations, are you happy with everything you had seen?

Don't forget, you can repeat this several times. If you are not, the best way to clear it the second time is to take physical action in the real world. Not everything goes away through the power of thought. This just helps us to see things from the external perspective we typically block ourselves from deep within. It shows us what we truly want over what is blinding our better judgment.

Back to the Cosmos, feel free to refresh your memory on the Six Planets that went Retrograde. A well-written article on Remember when the power rangers would morph to overcome their adversaries? This is basically what these planets are doing for us. Think of each way these planets influence our lives energetically and what I have been saying about Equinox and this new era. Not to mention Divine Unions that were once only energetic should be now physical. Those in separation needed it, and when the ego dies off, the physical union will be their soul's destination. Somewhere around this time through to the end of Solstice.

So both Mercury and Pluto are no longer retrograde and right now, this MAJOR energetic shift that is calling for some Sodalite, is amplified by Saturn as its presently shifting out of retrograde. Like I said, if you are a high vibe and you read about the significance of Sodalite, you will thank me a million times over. Saturn is done playing games, it's time to pluck the distraction off the path and back to business. Your fall break is over, still remember we have Equinox going on. This is amplified by Saturn's current shift. We have to check ourselves and really ask, where is this part of my life going? Be honest and accepting of yourself and the outcome before you.

Jupiter will start its Energetic shift from Retrograde at least 3 full days before the date of November 23rd. If you are a cannabis smoker, drop the indica around this time. Jupiter is best served with some Sativa.

Remember, this energy is about seeing clearly, seeing people for who they are, and accepting things. This includes yourself dominantly. What are your morals, values, standards, and ethics? Is the career path you are on, your educational path, social circle around you, in alignment with them? Solstice is increasing in pressure as we near Winter Solstice. These are the things you want to clean out of your closet, for some save, for others you emptied everything completely and put all new things and new people. For others, you gave everything to the Highest of all High to determine if it returns to the closet or if something new is in its place.

Enjoy your energy shift. Remember to look around you and see how Karmic Energy unfolds and lessons complete not just for us and those around us but for generations as this Era continues to unfold. Once all six planets have transitioned, it's like a new way of living. The New Era is the new norm and a lot of changes will be evident.

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