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The Cycle's of Karma 

Influenced by the Lunar Cycle & Pluto



It is important to first make sure it is understood that Equinox is very powerful. It is when the Moon draws energy up into itself. This is the point of releasing Low Vibrational Energy that causes undesirable behavior and outcomes. This is the Dark Night Of The Soul Energy. Remember, water is a conductor of energy. Solstice is a Solar Shower of Higher Vibrational Energy. It raises the vibration similar to a battery recharging. Think of Summer Vibes and Christmas Spirit Energy. It should prompt happiness or the energy needed to overcome any lingering issues allowing one to take charge of their life. This is the Pheonix Rising Energy.  

New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Third Quarter are the four phases that shift Karmic Energy. New and Full Moon are Solstice Influence and First and Third Quarter are Equinox Influence. Think of New Moon as North, Earth, and Birth. Reflect on First Quarter as East, Air, and Growth. Think of the Full Moon as South, Fire, and Death and 
Third Quarter as West, Water, and Rebirth. 

Phase A:  Cosmic Energy radiates the Vibration of Birth during New Moon due to the Solstice Influence. This Energy begins to transmute from Birth into the Energy of Forgiveness as it shifts towards the Equimonx Energy of the First Quarter Moon Phase. This Energy then transmutes into Healing Energy as it approaches the First Quarter due to its Equinox Influence. 

Phase B: Cosmic Energy radiates the Vibration of Growth during the First Quarter.  As the Energy shifts towards Full Moon, it is transmutes from Growth into Clarity. This is because of the Equinox Energy transmuting into the Solstice Influence associated with the Full Moon.

Phase C: Cosmic Energy radiates the Vibration of Death during the Full Moon. As this Energy shifts towards the Third Quarter, it transmutes into an Energy of Ascension. This is the point of the Phonix Rising Energy allowing one to Rise Up from the ashes of the Death cycle caused when one achieves full clarity, after their growth from the healing prompted by the Energy of Forgiveness.  

Phase D: Cosmic Energy will radiate the Vibration of Rebirth upon transmuting from the Solstice of Full Moon into the Equinox of the Third Quarter. This Energy will transmute into the Vibration prompting the Reconciliation of Situations. As the Vibration shifts closer to New Moon, it will transmute back into the Vibration of Birth due to the Solstice Influence of the New Moon. 

One could associate this Monthly cycle with the Minor Arcana and should use this cycle to end toxic ways, behavioral issues, addictions, and other Low Vibrational Energy Patterns. This will allow you to keep your Karma Clean so that you are not drastically impacted during the Annual cycle associated with the Major Arcana that is influenced by Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumnal Equinox. 

If you did not follow your intuition also known as Cosmic Influences during the monthly cycles, you will experience "Tower Card" moments during the Annual Karmic Cycles.  Equinox Energy will force you to close out the cycles you held onto. Think of this as Divine Intervention. You may or may not have seen the Red Flags in your daily life. These would be similar behaviors, situations, and outcomes that tend to repeat themselves until one changes the course of action. This is regardless if you are dealing with the same people, places, or situations or if you are with new people in new places in similar situations.

If you ignored the Red Flags you allowed them to become Red Carpets to continue to repeat the same Karmic Lesson. If you recognized them, you closed out cycles and will be at your highest during the Solstice Phases.  

Pluto will go retrograde once a year for six months. During this time your Aura is able to balance out the Karmic Energy accumulated during the current cycle. IF you have been mostly pushing out High Vibrational Energy and listening to your Intuition, you should have a strong sense of clarity and be able to rise above all obstacles, regardless if Craft or any other influences were meant to obstruct you. If you were not listening to your intuition, you will again, be dealing with the Tower Card Moments. This will force you into Dark Night of The Soul so that you can be Rebirthed through the Phoenix Rising Phase of Karma. 

Every five years the cycle restarts taking about three years to release all negative Karma so that you are anew. This would be Karma not on a monthly or annual cycle but on a Cosmic Level. Overlap it with a female's menstrual cycle. Instead of a female having her cycle once a month, Karma's Cosmic Cycle is once every five years. Instead of it lasting three to seven days, it lasts three years. Then your cycle starts over. 

Remember, As Above So Below - On All Levels. 

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