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Pisces ~ Limitations Inspires! What do you really want in life? Light the Fire & Get It

Find something that you can't do and do it well! Find something that is a new challenge for you and check it off your list as something you couldn't do, but didn't allow that to stop you from trying. Now reflect on life and ask yourself where are you limited and google the crap out of how to remove those limits.

Think back to when you were younger, what did you want to be in life as you grew up? What made your fire burn inside that made you feel like adulting was something you couldn't wait for, just so you could do it? What stopped you from doing it as an adult or what changed so that you are not so passionate about it anymore?

This energy is all about you getting back to your roots and pursuing what lights you up. Allow life to be so fulfilling that you just can't help but sing in the shower, sing in the rain, and hum while you walk into a building. Be so happy in life that nothing can get you down. That's what the current energy is pushing for you to do. That's that niggling feeling you can't shake.

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