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Often misunderstood, although holding great significance in our lives.

Mystics have an ability to vibrate within multiple realms and dimensions. This allows mystics to pick up on things typically missed or overlooked. It allows them to hear the whispers, within the noise or see the hidden gems, blended in with everyday distractions.  The best way to understand, is to remove the ideas you have about mysticism, science, laws of nature, and everything you think the world knows about life around you and within you. 


Allow yourself to visually explore dimensions and how life would be like in multiple dimensions. Wrap your mind around functioning within all of those dimensions at the same time.


While researching normal everyday perspectives, I came across a video by Neil deGrasse Tyson, explaining dimensions with visual aids. In this video he talks about surgery in various dimensions and what that would look like for each one. I strongly recommend others to watch this portion of his content.


What Mr. deGrasse Tyson believes would happen in 4D is actually possible within 5D. This is demonstrated in Energy Maintenance sessions. I have provided a clipping of a past session, which supports his theory and possibilities.


Energy maintenance is the practice of moving high vibrational energy through both the physical and energetic body of an individual. Experiences are unique to each session. Clients should physically feel and be able to articulate the various symptoms experienced during the session. This includes, vibrations, heat, coldness, pressure, increased sense of gravity, desires to cry, laugh, and sudden urges to urinate.

To understand Mysticism, you have to remove the idea of limits and delete the mental limitations. Readings through a Mystic at Divinity 648 is like having someone navigate the various paths of your life. There is never a wrong turn because there is always opportunity for growth through redirection and a solid understanding. 

Terms to start with: 

Precognition = Mediumship = Ancestry - Manifestations - Visualizations - Dimensions = Quantum Physics and Molecular Science. 

Recommended Sessions: 

Guided meditations, Personal consultation, and The Red Pill Consult. 

Divinity 648 does not own the rights to "What Do Beings See?" by Neil deGrasse.  Divinity 648 utilizes images, quotes, and similar content on its site and associated platforms under the fair use doctrine of the U.S. copyright statute.
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