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Stop turning Red Flags into Red Carpets

They say love is blind but is it that its blind or is it that we choose to ignore or push away clarity because deep down inside we do not want to accept anything that isn’t what we want.

We love to hurt ourselves by allowing things to take place longer than they should or when we know we should not have allowed it to happen at all.

Its like we try so hard to see the best in the situation that we turn off our intuition or override it every time only to someday regret it.

We tell ourselves its better to have loved the wrong person than to not have loved at all. Truth is we could have missed out on the right person by holding onto the wrong person.

There is a common storyline of girl/guy chases the one they think they love while ignoring or hurting the one who loves them The most. It has a never-ending cycle of wanting what hurts us.

Stop chasing and just let love happen. When you see the red flags, or the warning signs accept them instead of trying to force them down as red carpets to self-sabotage.

Focusing on the self and what it takes to self-fulfill is the key to being complete. You are never complete if your happiness is strictly within another individual. This means you must completely know, trust, and love yourself before you can completely know, trust, and love someone else.

Anyone can enter a relationship and fake the happiness, the love, the passion, the devotion. How many do you know can fake self-love, self-value, self-respect?

No one can hurt us if we are complete within. This is because when someone does something to hurt us, we instinctively look deeper at the situation and try to understand what could have possibly happened to that individual for them to carry themselves as so.

Do not confuse what I just wrote by allowing yourself to get stuck in that ”let me give them another chance“ or the “ maybe this time it will be better” phase you have been trying to release yourself from.

Love yourself enough to see the patterns and be honest enough with yourself when deciding how you will move forward.

Personal Consultation sessions are more than just pulling out a Tarot deck and some Oracle cards. Some sessions are No Tools and completely focus on the self and becoming more aware of who you are on a much deeper level than imaginable.

You learn to hear your true inner voice over the external influences of those all around you. You will see your warnings and how you passed them by. You will hear what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear.

Sessions at Divinity 648 are by phone, video chat, or messenger for those who have a language barrier or are not able to visit with me in office. Follow the below link to check availability

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