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Stop allowing yourself to be second in their lives.

The hardest part is not allowing yourself to fold. It’s that distinct moment that hits you, and you realize that you made a choice because the other person wouldn’t.

It’s like years of being second, third, or even last on their list has finally ended. You don’t know if you want to cry, scream, or laugh. Is the position your in what you thought it would be? Is the emotions running through your body what you hoped to feel? Are the thoughts racing through your mind every bit what you expected?

How numb are you forcing yourself to be or are you allowing yourself to actually go through all of the emotions that you need to experience so that you can completely heal and move forward.

Its important to completely heal before you move forward. It’s important to allow the thoughts and emotions to flow out. What are you going to do now that your comfort zone is non existent?

Self-care, Self-love, Self-growth are key words for what ever you choose to do with the new routine and new way of living. Living without that person, situation, comfort, or half of yourself.

Its important to listen to yourself and your inner knowing. It’s important to list off every reason you have to support what brought you here and allow yourself to forgive every thing you listed. Off to the side list off what you want to replace each thing you listed with.

Lets say it was lack of commitment, near it you would write Genuine Loving Commitment.

If it was lack of communication then you would write open, honest, loving, truthful communication.

Moving forward do not hesitate to review this list and remind yourself what it felt like to settle for less than you know you need.

Settling for less than you wanted caused you what? List it all off. Let yourself know it’s ok to have allowed this but it is not ok to allow this to continue or happen again.

All of the energy from Mercury going Retrograde allowed us to see things differently or at least allowed us to consider things differently if you used the retrograde energy correctly. People should have been showing you their true selves unable to filter their inner and put on a mask or a show.

Now that it has gone direct again you should be able to make clear statements and take action.

The energy coming from the other planetary alignments will have you reaching out to people of the past or people from your past will be reaching out to you.

Have you learned your lessons? Are you going to give the same person who burned you a thousand times the opportunity to burn you again?

Are you going to allow the people who only call you for favors or to unload their negativity on you to continue to do this to you or are you going to keep cutting the cords that they keep attaching to you?

Are you going to go back into the third party relationships or the relationships that are more like friends with benefits or open without commitment?

Remember you were not fulfilled in these relationships or situations. Remember the lists you made to see what you were hurting from and what you know you need To be happy and fulfilled.

It’s time to stop being Second, Third, or even Last on their list of priorities. Match yourself with the amount of energy you give them and love yourself more.

Be that song they skipped and later found out was fire💋

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