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Spiritual Grounding

Spiritual Grounding is the best way to keep your energy calm and collected.

Picture a plastic bag blowing around in the wind. The bag has no control over its movements or final destination. grounding is needed to avoid feeling in a similar way.

Grounding is as easy as taking a few deep breaths while relaxing and picturing tree roots coming from either your souls of your feet or the Root Chakra of your being.

See those roots extend down as far as you would like. I send it thirty feet below and as I cleanse my space I see all the negative energy come out of the roots ends and turn into healthy earth.

There are many other benefits to Spiritual Grounding also known as Earthing. I recommend reading a few different articles to get a solid understanding of Spiritual Grounding and the many ways to accomplish it. Here are a few sites to start off with along with some images that I do not own rights to but can be found in a basic Google Search.

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