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Spiritual Baths

Spiritual cleansing is always a must, you have to remember to clean yourself not just physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.

The best way to do a bath is to shower washing head to toe ( hair is not required). Then prep your bath ~

Get yourself some flowers, what ever kind you feel drawn to that has no artificial dyes.

I recommend doing your birth chart to see all of your zodiac placements. Then buy the flowers that correspond to each energy you embody (if possible).

Use Hot water safely and put the flowers (no stems) into the water and allow the hot water to release the natural essence of the flower heads. Just like you would if you were making tea.

You can do this with tea bags also!! I recommend Yogi tea brand because it’s all organic root ingredients!

Once the water is at a comfortable temperature just soak in it and meditate.

I recommend burning some sage, incense, Frankincense, Paulo Santo, or anything in similar nature. You would want the window open if burning something or keep the door open and a window open that’s close by. You always keep a window at least partially open when burning so the energy can be sent out.

I like to burn a white tea light. Tea lights are good because they usually burn out around the time you would be finished with the bath or shortly after. Placing crystals close by is also beneficial especially if your burning because you can cleanse them at the same time as your cleansing your personal energy.

You can play some frequency music, ocean sounds, or anything that is high vibrational or uplifting ( no sad music or music that speaks of violence, cheating, or low /toxic behavior). YouTube search HZ Frequency for a nice selection.

You can do affirmations or call out the beautiful things you seek in life.

When your done (if possible) allow yourself to drip dry/ air dry~ no towels

If you wear clothing to bed I recommend wearing light or white colored sleep wear~ (I do not own this image)

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