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Sagittarius ~ Ehwaz is pushing you forward with Appreciation!

Week of September 25, 2022

Sagittarius we are all being influenced by the Rune Ehwaz for the next 7 days. The influence should have you feeling appreciative for the many experiences you have had during your life, your Journey.

You may find yourself reflecting on the challenges and obstacles you have overcome. Some of you have come so far with the healing that the past is something you have to sit and really focus to remember. You have done so much work to heal and grow. Allow Ehwaz to give you that motivation to push for continuous progress.

Some of you are coming into alignment with opportunities were once only a long term goal. Be sure to reflect on the past so not to repeat mistakes. Stay balanced with your intellect and the physical realm. If you have been manifesting, reflect to see how these opportunities are in alignment with them. Are you still passionate as you once were? Do you have distractions that have sabotaged you in the past.

Remember to take breaks in-between your flow and ask yourself what you would do if you were not afraid, had no financial set backs, or external influences to hold you down. Work on trusting your intuition and stay grounded with this energy. Trust that if you take the chance and leap, the universe will catch you. Trust even more, that you, yourself will catch you. Plan ahead and think of all alternate options.

Remember to show appreciation for what you have gone through and continue to experience along the way. This life is your journey to being whole and complete within self. Love yourself enough to walk away from the stagnation and towards progress with room for growth.

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