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Libra: 9 Sunsets Reading - August 1, 2022

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Libra watch your scales please, I am picking up this vibe as if you are not seeing all sides fairly. Someone in your life if not you have heavy Libra energy. You may have Libra more than once in your birth chart. Please step back a bit and breathe. Something gotta give, you are being given a chance to change and level up. Don't allow your stubborn ways to cause you to miss out on this opportunity.

I am getting "Callaita" by Bad Bunny on repeat, I am hearing it's time to change your perspective on things and notice how others change their behavior towards or around you. I do see you are leveling up but at your own pace, sometimes that pace is not in alignment with what is going on around you. Just try to be mindful of this when you are flowing and in your own zone. The scene that came to me while Callaita was playing is a person with hair long enough to be blowing around in the wind, beachside, listening to music around midsunset time. Not dark out yet but no sunny skies. Pay attention to what I just said. It's not dark yet but it's not sunny skies. You have time to pull yourself out of this mood or phase you are functioning in and take faster steps toward a successful outcome. Enjoy your phase of being carefree but make sure you have a realistic date planned for your return back to reality.

Owning your mess-ups is key to overcoming discord. I am not saying others want to reconnect with you but owning who you are and the way you conducted yourself while enjoying the Selfsabatoge stage of life. Get up, brush your shoulders off, and get back on that horse. Show up in a way that leaves people dumbfounded with your glow-up. Proving yourself right to you is a priority. Who cares what anyone else thinks or believes? It's about outdoing your best version of yourself each time you wake up in life. End your day knowing you killed it to the best of your ability.

The song I just got is "Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson. Some of you are connecting with someone new, others you have known this person for MANY YEARS and never acted on fantasies or daydreams you once treasured. Take your time with this person, I am getting mixed emotions as far as if you should wet your toes or just dive in. Well, Most already dove in and it's getting heavy. Others you are knees deep and can't wait to go deeper. I like this for you, review the past failures and what got you through them. Don't charge them for the crimes the people before committed. BUT... Remember the lessons you learned from it all. Remember what you noticed in yourself that you wish you had done differently. Own your part of it all and level up in those areas.

Money bag moves are pouring in for you overall. I keep hearing that jackpot noise from a slot machine. Once you figure out what your hustle is go for it and LISTEN to your intuition. I see a lot of Leaping and landing on your feet. (be calculated of course). "Whole Lotta Money" by Bia is playing for me, the part where she says " I don't hang with Jealous B****" did repeat a few times. Start paying attention to whos around you and how often and what their actions are actually about. Small Circle is not a bad move for you. Keep the larger circle but not as close as you have been.

Make that money but be smart. Do your research before you drop the money down also. It's a move that you might regret. Kind of like a house or car. It's a no-brainer that you grab the house first and then go get the car. The bank will count the debt of the car against you but the car loan company won't be so strict You can have both just be strategic and watch the way you spend your blessings.

You do swing back into your normal self. I see you feeling yourself and bouncing up off the IDGAF level. I am hearing "CRZY" by Kehlani for you. Keep using your obstacles as means of leveling up. Stay loyal to your morals and values over everything else. Learn from those around you. Watch their struggle not to shit on them but to never be like them. If you ever find yourself down like them, Get Hungry and Level back up. We call this Phoenix Rising.

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