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Terms & Conditions


Divinity 648 is intended for persons of age 18+ and Contains content and services that are for Entertainment Purposes Only. Services are by appointment only and as appointments are available. Bookings are accepted by online request only and are subject to Divinity 648's Terms and Conditions. 


Divinity 648 does not accept mailed payments or from any other platform than list below. Divinity 648 will never contact you directly or converse with you on any social media platforms by direct message or any other means with the exception of's chat and email features. Appointment conflicts will be communicated through the site and not by means of text messages.


Payments are not to be processed until an invoice has been generated and provided by email. Card payments are processed through PayPal by scrolling below the login section and selecting to pay with a credit/debit card. All manual payments made on Cashapp, PayPal, or Venmo are to reference the invoice number in the comments.  Bookings that are made under a name that does not match the payment account must include authorization by the account holder and the name the booking is scheduled under. ​ ​

Divinity 648 puts her family first. This means if a phone call or text comes through that can not wait, the session will be paused. Please accept my apology in advance for any inconvenience that may cause you. Divinity 648 does not offer reimbursements for interruptions including future discounts or business credits. Interruptions are rare but will happen. Thank you in advance for your understanding and acceptance of these levels of interruptions. Acceptance is required as a part of Divinity 648's Terms and Conditions.  


Divinity 648,, and its online shop Divinity 648's Hidden Gemz, and the owner Christina Galarza (hereby referred to as "Divinity 648") offer Professional Business Solutions, Mystic Services ("Services"), and online shopping ("Ecommerce"). Services include on and off-site consulting, in-office sessions, live-video sessions, phone sessions, blogs, group chats, live chats, astrology-related content, published newsletters, horoscopes, podcasts, and other similar in nature. Mystical services are provided to you and your guest(s) ("Client" and or "Consumer"), for entertainment purposes only. Ecommerce includes all gift certificates, and a wide selection of products and or goods available for purchase online. 


Visiting the physical location, all phone interactions, emailing, texting, use of the website, mobile app, services, purchases, postings, and interactions on any and all social media platforms and third party sites, and all associated content are copyrighted and subject to recording and these terms and conditions. 


All information, advice, and recommendations are made possible through divination and are not the personal or professional responses of Divinity 648 nor does it replace the recommendations of any legal, financial, or medical professional or specialist in the relevant field and or industry. It is always the responsibility of the client and or their guardian when applicable, to assess, evaluate, research, and use appropriate discernment with all of the information, advice, content, and services provided by Divinity 648 or anyone or business external to Divinity 648 that is recommended to the client. 


By visiting and using our website, and services, or visiting us at 345 Union Street, New Bedford, MA. 02740, You and your guest acknowledge that you have read all Terms and Conditions and accept and agree, without limitation to be bound to these terms hereof and release from harm, liability, and waive your right to sue or pursue any and all claims against Divinity 648, C&L Properties Fall River, LLC, 345 Union Street, New Bedford, MA. 02740.  

Divinity 648 at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Your continued access to and use of all services, eCommerce, websites, and physical location will be deemed to be your acceptance of and agreement to any changed Terms and Conditions. If you no longer wish to be bound to these terms and conditions or any revisions to these Terms and Conditions, you must at once discontinue use of the Services including the website and any and all social media platforms utilized by and or under the name of, Divinity 648, its online shop Divinity 648's Hidden Gemz, and Christina Galarza. 


The Privacy of your personal information is respected and treated with respect and care. The personal information provided by you to Divinity 648 is governed by the Privacy Policy and is incorporated herein by reference and made a part of these Terms and Conditions. To the extent there is any inconsistency between the Terms of Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the Privacy Policy shall govern. 


The Services may not be used by residents of any jurisdiction where such use is prohibited. 


You must be 18 years of age or older to utilize any and all services without proof of parental or legal guardian consent.



All payments made for E-commerce and Services using debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App accounts are required to be made by the authorized account holder. 

Payments made on CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal must include the Service purchased, the Name the appointment is scheduled under, Time, and Date. Payments processed without booking details will be accepted as a Tip or Donation by default. Please call, text or email immediately to correct any payment details. 

Any transactions that warrant a refund of any kind will be subject to the assessed fees by the third-party payment processor. 

All Sessions are charged a flat rate Per Person, Per Service regardless of the duration. Groups of five or more might qualify for a discount of up to 15%.  Financial hardship discounts are not guaranteed to be applied to all clients and or all services and or for all appointments scheduled. Discounts are at the discretion of Divinity 648 and are subject to change or stop without notice or explanation. 


Abuse of financial hardship discounts will result in a denial of future business with Divinity 648. 


If your package arrives damaged:

  • Please take photos of the packaging before you open it.

  • Please include a clear photo of the label.

  • If the item(s) inside are damaged please send photos of the damaged item(s) to: with your order details.

  • Consumers may be required to ship the product to a designated location at their cost before a replacement is shipped or a refund is issued. 

  • We will work with the vendor to ship out replacements as soon as possible. 


If your product is faulty, not as described or if it does not do what it's supposed to:

  • Please email in detail how the product is faulty, not as described, or what it is supposed to do that it is not doing.

  • Please include photos and or a short video if possible to support the complaint. 

  • Consumers may be required to ship the product to a designated location at their cost before a replacement is shipped or a refund is issued. 



  • Divinity 648 offers a full refund for products if an item is faulty, not as described or if it does not do what it's supposed to.

  • Refunds for products are subject to compliance with the Return Policy of Divinity 648 and the shipper of the product when by another vendor.

  • Processing times are subject to 7-14 days by Divinity 648 and may require additional time depending on the third-party shipper and their policy.


Please contact for all product-related inquiries including shipping rates, return policy per item, and return policy per shipper.


Services, Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, & Divinity Dollars:

  • Refunds are not available for gift cards, gift certificates, Divinity Dollars, or any services provided by Divinity 648.

  • Appointments for services may be rescheduled no more than twice before the consumer is required to book a new appointment with a new payment. 

  • Any allowed refunds are subject to the fees that are assessed by the third-party payment processor.

  • Any allowed refunds are processed in 7-14 business days. Additional time may be required depending on any third-party payment processing policies.


  • Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, and or Divinity Dollars are non-refundable and valid for 55 days.

  • It is the obligation of the Consumer to ensure the person in the receipt of the gift card, gift certificate, or Divinity Dollars is not barred from obtaining services from Divinity 648 prior to the purchase of and or the transferring of.   


  • Divinity 648 reserves the right to deny services and or eCommerce products to anyone without advance notice

Divinity 648 does not promote Dark Arts of any kind. Anyone found promoting, providing techniques to conjure it, and or soliciting any level of it and or services of any kind on will be banned from the site and receiving future services. 


Use your appropriate discernment prior to seeking services and or products.


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