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Virgo: 9 Sunset Reading - July 31, 2022

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Astrological Oracle Cards by Lunaea Weatherstone

Virgo, I love how you know how to just mind your business. Most importantly how you expose people without knowing their business. You speak on truthful topics and events while others listen and instantly go on defense. They are exposing themselves with their reactions and lack of responses. You can definitely benefit from a change of environment. Not so much just a spend-the-day outside kind of change but a new zip code level of change. It's important to choose your steps cautiously and think all the way through before you leap. Some it's staying out there a few times and making sure it's a solid move and for others, an opportunity to up and leave is about to knock on your door. I recommend holding on to your current spot so that you make sure the move is the right one. For some, you are just putting the money away in reserves so that if you need to move back quickly you can do so without hesitation or dealing with any obstacles. I just heard " I just met you", and "This is crazy" from "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.

For some of you, this is just what you need to jump-start your heart. You have been sitting idle while in a relationship on any level or kind, that feels stagnant. Sometimes when you put your desires and wants to the side to accommodate others you slowly die inside. As "Cartel Swag" by Kevin Gates plays in my head focusing on the "I'm All The Way Up" part at the beginning. Stay focused but watch boundaries.

Some Virgos are in this Frisky kind of playful energy. I am hearing the chorus of "Megatron" by Nicki Minaj. It's like you can't get close enough to someone and or for a long enough amount of time. This is that "I am Getting Butterflies" kind of energy. But it feels similar to a Kundalini Rising level of internal energy. I like this for you Virgo. For some of you, this is happening because you need that jumpstart to your heart, the wish you made for a person to make you feel something other than typical.

For some of you, this is a test. A moment to actually reel yourself in instead of the usual reaction to leap without thought. It's an opportunity to sit and remember what you entered a commitment for and why you should consider the feelings of everyone involved. How many times have you or your person been down this same cycle? Do you really want to repeat it for the "This is the One" moment again? If you are in a relationship and you are doing this for/over a new person (dog sees squirrel moment), maybe just step back from all of it and see what your heart feels when they are all out of the picture.

For some of you, you can already understand the feeling that comes with the thought of your person being with another person. So why go down that road again instead of being focused on the original goal? Well Just date them all then and be transparent about it so that you all can figure your shit out. Your adults, get it together, or fall into place with someone new. Literally as "Get It Together" by 702 starts to play in my head. Get off the treadmill already and allow yourself to be fulfilled.

Virgo when it comes to money matters you are focused and determined. You are multitasking and able to pull it together even if it is not marked out. Some are seeing you as all over the place and unable to keep it steady. You sat them down with your comeback or you are about to anyway. The all over the place for them was you staying balanced all over the place. You knew that the best way to build a solid foundation was by building it up level by level equally among all four corners instead of one side at a time. Kind of like Tetris, if you let one side pile up instead of equally across the bottom, you will lose. Continue to follow your intuition or "your gut" with the way you're going about things. Remember to know the difference between gut "Intuition" and external influences in the mind

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