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Taurus: 9 Sunsets Reading - July 31, 2022

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Taurus you're walking away or someone or situation is walking away or releasing itself from you. This feels like it was originally your idea or at least a mutual understanding. Someone is regretting the choice or has a change of heart. Feeling as though they would rather continue on a path staying stagnant. This is common energy right now due to the Karmic Cycles ending and the residual energy fading out. Direct communication is always key. It is better to say what you needed to say than to have sleepless nights wishing you said something when you had the chance.

Others of you are looking at this from a FREE AT LAST kind of perspective.Its all have high vibes and a feeling of limitlessness. Ready to venture off and sleep wherever you drop? I wouldn't go as far out as the movie "Hangover", more like the vibes you get from "Intergalactic" by Beastie boys. Make sure you enjoy every minute of the Journey.

Some of you are a bit nervous over a job or promotion within your job that requires some training or demonstration of skills. For some of you, it's a state exam for a license or skills tests in your job for acceptance of a role. A refresher could do you some good. I do see the flashcards and the Twizzlers out. Make sure you take some time out and assess the skills you state you have. Make sure you didn't miss any new tips or tricks that could make your job easier. Always look for ways to learn and grow in the position you are in so that to stay relevant and confident in your skin. Doing the work is my point, don't just talk about it but actually be about it. If you are not about to take a test or start a new role, some task may come up that requires you to use skills you have not used in some time if at all. Google it or youtube some tutorials. Stay calm and push your way through. You need to give yourself a bit more credit than usual.

Some of you are dealing with a crapy neighbor or neighborhood situation. It feels as though you can't move out of the area fast enough or as if a neighbor isn't moving out fast enough for you. Remember things are happening for you or that person behind the scenes. It's more like a "Happening For You" kind of situation than not. Stay grounded so that you remain level-headed. Allow things to unfold based on the rights and wrongs of the dynamics and have patience. For some of you, it is as though you were moving but something fell through and you are now delayed. or you find a better solution but it takes a bit more time than you had hoped for? Try not to be compulsive is my point and think about long-term results and outcomes. It's better to be delayed and land the place of your dreams that you own vs the rush and settle for the first available and be miserable with your choice years later.

Some of you are having car issues or at least a car is heavy on the brain. If it's a car or a house first kind of question, the clear answer is the house and then the car. For some of you, there is this need to always act like it is one or the other when it can be both, get one just after the other. Stop limiting yourself when you are making choices and allow yourself to enjoy your life a bit more. Others of you are on this "Id rather be broke from paying as many bills as I can" over being broke for living life before the bills got handled. Keep focusing on the long-term and the effects of these choices you are making. You won't fail is the message "I Am A Survivor" by Destiny's Child starts playing in my head.

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