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Removing Toxic People From Your Life

We all have been there right? Noticing that one person in our lives who allows us to feel like they are always trying to one up us.

Sometimes it’s with the clothing or the makeup you wear. Sometimes it’s with the other friends you share. Sometimes it’s around the guys you like. Sometimes it’s just in the everyday normal small talk.

If it’s not a friend, co worker, lover, then it’s a family member right. Someone who gives you that feeling or allows your mind to remain in conflict. Its like they leave you wondering if it’s just in your head or if you are seriously picking up that vibe.

That feeling that has you questioning why you are even still involved with this person or why you allow them to affect you the way they do.

How many times do you allow them to treat you that way? How many times do you allow yourself to go out of your way to be there for them even tho you know they won’t be there for you the same way when you are in need.

How many times do you allow them to one up you just so they can act or feel supported or happy in their skin.

Sometimes it’s a person who has no problems forgetting who you are while favoring someone they hardly know or who treats them the worst each time.. but yet runs back to you when they are in need only to go back to treating you less than you deserve when others are back around.

Toxic behavior is always going to be toxic to you. It’s always going to have you questioning yourself why you deserve this or why you are still around. Family members are not exempt.

If and when you find yourself at a point of being one foot in and one foot out of a relationship or friendship or partnership of any kind.. ask yourself if walking away would bother them as much as it is bothering you to stay.

Start investing in yourself the way you invest in them. They money you lend out all the time can start going in a box or a savings book. The free car rides can now become extra money in your pocket or just stop happening all together.

Your voicemail is now the new normal when they call you because your screening your calls. Your making goals or crushing old ones that you never finished because you were too busy helping everyone but yourself.

Learning Self love and living in Self growth is key to having a peaceful relationship or life in general. Learning to love yourself more or enough so that you do not live in conflict anymore is your new priority.

It is not normal for your mind to challenge everyone and situation in your life. Your doing this because something is wrong. Something is not balanced and it’s not right by your energy, mind, body, soul, or spirit.

If you want the racing mind to stop or the constant back n forth feeling then remove the things, places, and people from your space who are at the root of the issue.

Love yourself more than your need for friends who are not genuine. Its quality over quantity.

Respect yourself enough to walk away and demand the respect you deserve in order for people to enter or remain in your life.

REMIND yourself everyday that you are living your best life and have no time or room for toxic behavior and honor yourself daily. After all you are the only person who is going to love you and respect you how you know and feel you deserve.

Set an example for everyone else who is not inside of you to know where your boundaries are. Your Self love, Self value, Self respect is what others will need to use as an example of what’s acceptable and what is not. Find yourself first and let people know who you are and what you stand for.

Selenite Wands are a great tool to help with cutting cords from people, places, situations, and behaviors. It’s also a great tool for clearing out negativity and so much more. Follow the link below to schedule a personal reading on your situation and guidance through it. Sessions are available by Phone or Video Chat at this time.

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