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Put Yourself First ~ Embrace The Divine Being You Are

They couldn't make the choice to put you first so you made the choice to put yourself first. Reflecting on the past allows you to see how far you have come. You are able to see how much control you actually have over the way others impact your life. You are able to look at those who cause inner conflict with your eyes wide open instead of them being blinded by Ego's Desire.

You might still be allowing the calls and noticing the drive-by's or them being in your area when they claim to be elsewhere. You can trust that feeling that your being watched or that they are having others pass around your way to update them on what you are doing or not doing.

You are also noticing others and how they are approaching you. Give them time to speak and actually listen to what they are saying. Hear them out but by no means do you waste another moment of your time on a person who is not matching your energy or deserving of your energy.

People from the past are slowing working their way into your life and your thinking on this. You are wondering if they have changed or you are possibly just assuming they have. Remember the part of putting yourself first and cutting the Toxicity out of your life? By practicing self love and care you are radiating an energy like a moth to a flame. This does not mean you accept the past back. This means Karmic Law is in play. Do not taint that Glow by allowing them to create shadows in your life again.

Make sure you are asking questions to find out why now and not before. What has changed in their lives or mindsets that allows for the re-connection they are pursuing? Know that employers typically give 90 day trial periods because by then people get comfortable and should slip up and show their true colors to you or around you. So make sure to give them a date that only you know about. Have they slipped up yet in any way? Are you seeing the slip ups? Do you see them treating other people poorly? Are they hiding things from you? Can you answer their phones when their driving or busy? Are they publicly respecting you in a way that Honors who they claim you are to them?

Allowing them to be around again does not have to mean you are repeating a dark cycle of going no where. You can hold them accountable for what they are doing and not doing. Working on a relationship means continuous growth, patience, and understanding. when all parties are trying it shows and that is something to work for. Remember employers give a 90 day trial period? You giving them trial periods means you are both working hard towards long term commitment. You both are healing from past mistakes and turning the past into a lesson. Lessons help people grow and become the person they are meant to become.

Look for the growth, the changes, the improvements... Anyone can buy you gifts and present to you luxury. The right person will invest in you Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and intellectually.

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I recommend listening to the newer albums of Jhene Akio, Cardi B., Hailey Smalls, Pink Print, and Mala Santa by Becky G.


I recommend working with Selenite, Rose Quartz, and Black Tourmaline Crystals.


I recommend working with Lime, and Ginger. Lime Detox, or cutting lime and having it around the home in water or on a plate with salt to absorb negative energy. Ginger tea to help with rejuvenating the skin, assisting with inflammatory or bloating issues you may have been experiencing due to the emotional and mental conflicts. Yogi's Lemon with Ginger or Ginger tea is excellent! you do not have to drink it either.


I recommend the Sunflower, buy yourself some flowers and have them in the room you spend the most time or where you dress.


I recommend White, Light Pink, and/or Yellow votive or tea light.

Spiritual Bath:

You can put the tea bags directly into the bath ( remove strings/keep bags closed) or boil the ginger and pour it into your bath. You can also squeeze the limes into the bath. Add the crystals around your bath and put the sunflowers ( remove the stem) into your bath. Burn Sage, resins, or incense close by ( a window should always be cracked open when burning ANYTHING). Light your choice of candle, tea light, or votive. I recommend tea lights for baths because they should burn out by the time the bath is done or while dressing after the bath.

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