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PREHNITE: Unconditional Love & Healing 6

Best Stone For The Current Energy

The best crystal for the current energy is RAW PREHNITE! You can read all about it online or check out the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. This stone will heal and bring in many powerful benefits for those who are dealing with Equinox and the Shift from the New Era Settling into the Third Phase of this transition.

This stone is on page 220 of The Crystal Bible. The attributes of Prehnite are unconditional love; healing for healers; enhancement with visualizations; induces meditations to assist with reaching the higher self and is associated with the energy of the Universe.

This stone radiates high vibrational energy allowing for Celestial Connections and Energetic Experiences. Precognition, and Strengthening your connection to the Divine for effortless growth and maintaining your Aura.

Bottom Line: This stone raises your vibration so that you are able to smoothly transition into a LIGHT BODY who is HIGH VIBRATIONAL and able to overcome their past ways that will not be tolerated in the new Era.

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