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Leo: 9 Sunsets Reading - July 31, 2022

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

I found a great review of this product on Youtube: Oracle Cards by Lunaea Weatherstone

Leo, "2 Phones" by Kevin Gates (2:17 - 2:31.6 into the song) was on replay for you in my head. When you come across a person who isn't after what you have to give you get this feeling of being able to relax. It's like you can sleep with both eyes closed for a change. That's a good feeling. Holding on to people like that in your life is the perspective you are radiating as you know how rare it is. Enjoy the company you are pursuing. This person feels only semi-aware of your energy towards them, almost as if they will not see your approach coming although it is expected.

Some Leos are making some risky business moves, if not in love then actual plays that feel like a "Make or Break" type of move. The best way through this is feeling sort of like the flow of a belly dancer but in the scene of Vin Diesel getting to the disk in The Babysitter movie ( 1:03 min in). Trying to be easy on the feet is what you need to take from that. It's not a just stomp your way through. Get up on those toes and finesse your way through this process. Map it all out but start from the end and work your way backward. I am hearing to avoid the Contracts and stick with the prepaid invoices where possible. Apply it to whatever your equivalent is. There is a portion that feels too risky to play with although the rest feels smooth. Look for a compromise/middle ground.

Leo "Who Am I (What's My Name)" by Snoop Dogg started playing for you. I am getting the beginning of the video where he morphs into a dog. It's like you got so chill that you allowed others to forget who you were. Now you effortlessly transition to your higher self and "crip walk" all around them as Ice Cube and W. C. did during their "Up in Smoke Tour" in 2001 (1:47 minutes in). It's this feeling of being humbled while you raise the bar even higher. You know how to enter a room and shift the vibe around and that's what people need right about now. It's that side of you that everyone wants to be around. So don't just show up, actually show up.

Watch your energy and the way it shifts around the people who are approaching you with the "New Friends" vibe. There is this vibe or a preference for them to show their worst upfront so you can decide if you want them around during your best. You definitely feel as though you want this connection but haven't exactly worked out how to let your wall down. Some it's not the wall but more of a "can I get my toes wet in this lake" type of approach. You are past the defensiveness and are more so looking for confirmation or clarity on the "Yes it is safe to proceed" part of the situation. Stick with the "Take Charge" approach and show up.

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