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Get the Most of Solstice as its Peak Energy Softens. Reflect Honestly and Stand Firm.

Aries: 1 and 2 – Remember to follow up on the areas that you feel triggered in. This is because the energy is "cleaning house" astrologically. Solstice is softening up right now; use this time to be gentle with yourself and work hard on being softer with those you say you love. This fork-in-the-road energy is not just on your side. Others are reflecting just as well.

You may feel as though you are firm and have a right to stand your ground, but your memory is sometimes absent of events you participated in. Remember to reflect on the times you threw stones. Be fearless now that you are mindlessly showing hands.

A bath with a healthy blend of herbs and floral scents is perfect for inner work. Tap into yourself and embrace all parts of who you are as an individual. Spice is ideal for bringing passion into your spaces. Think of the areas you want to change, and if limitless, what are those changes? Be realistic and skip over the minor details; see, feel, and be in the results.

Look up your birth chart and reflect on what’s happening in your life. Be sure, to be honest with the reflection. Why would you want to keep lying to yourself? Accept the things you can't release and embrace them for as they are. If you can't, ask yourself why you can't let go. Cord Cutting and Calling back your energy is helpful when you can't find the why and do the one more round vibe anymore.

Aries: 3- When you reflect on how life is starting to repeat, you begin feeling triggered. This is that “fork in the road” energy. This influence happens around this time every year as the summer solstice comes down from its peak. This is that “Did I check off all of the boxes.” vibes. Comparable to when you have had enough of the lazy river ride. How long are you going to float? Most of you should be in alignment with "This is My Summer" type vibes regardless of what "your summer" vibes are. Depending on your surrounding placements, things should start to flow into place for you as if you have this "Divine Genie" clearing the path ahead of your approach. Or as IF you have this bright orb all around you and it's transmuting the energy around it.

Taurus: 1 and 2- There are a lot of job/career vibes and a better handle on money. Out of sight - out of mind does not sit well in this vibe. There is a need to see, count, and confirm the counts are accurate. Watch all contracts and money transactions. Review the fine print and ask them to verbally summarize the fees, underlying conditions, and limitations, and show the sections that discuss them. Something feels off with contracts and payments. See the receipts, and pay attention, especially to money.

Reflect on triggered energy when you notice how others are within your energetic space; if something feels off, proceed silently and observe. Silent alarms are not meant for you to react outwardly. It is for you to see and move accordingly. Trust how you feel. Energetic shifts are intended to show you what you need to see and hear. This is the point of shifting gears; choose a path that aligns with who you are and where you are going.

Taurus: 3- Breathe. Reflect honestly on yourself. Look around life and proceed. Make those business moves and proceed with confidence. You got this, and you checked your boxes. Right. Watch yourself; you tend to have this tendency to fall victim to those who stroke that ego. Step off the stage for a few minutes and reflect on the crowd you are keeping. How are they looking towards you? How does that make you feel?

The past karmic events have pushed accountability and authority up and out of us as applicable. What areas have you grown in? Recognize any growth and take inventory of what's left.

Capricorn: 1 and 2 - Shifting into this "it is what it is" kind of vibe and allowing things to be as they are. Healing from what almost killed you and laughing at the fact that they thought it could. Standing firm and pushing forward is what your vibration should be feeling like as Solstice Peak vibes start to settle down. Regardless of where or what you are dealing with, the vibes should allow the growth needed to elevate you high enough to see over the fence. See what's out there and push the gates open. Be smart about what you do and how you do it. Trust your intuition, but do not allow fear to block you from hidden treasures. Sometimes your first several steps motivate those you fear leaving behind to follow suit.

Capricorn: 2 and 3- The social circle may be smaller or steadily getting smaller. Reflect on how far you came and what peace you obtained by reducing the circle. Now that you better understand who you are and your future, start aligning yourself with the social crowds and events that interest you. Get out of the box and allow in what you are looking for. You know what you don't want and how to recognize it when it shows up. Just remember that others are working on themselves just the same, and be mindful when determining what areas you are willing to compromise.
Capricorn: 3- Trust the new partnerships and relationship levels as they are woven into place.

Experiences are going to be brand new for you. The " I never thought" and "I Can't Believe" are relevant. Allow the unexpected in and allow the guard down once you have finished screening their energy. I am not suggesting you ignore red flags but pushing you to trust the training your past gave you so you can enjoy the now.

Virgo: 1 and 2- Release yourself from burdens of energetic guilt. Sometimes numbing yourself to push through the thoughts is easy but causes energetic scars. Feel what you need to feel, and then forgive yourself to heal and move forward. Ground and release the energy while you are energetically grounding. Think of all the ways you would shine if you were boundless.

Now recognize what was an obstacle. Breathe and exhale it. Start researching how to accomplish what you are growing towards and plan. Steps forward will give the universe what it needs to set things into motion. So proceed armed with knowledge and understanding. Know your boundaries and when to be flexible. Make moves so energetically powerful the ripples in the energetic waves are felt across the universe.

Virgo: 3- For those who feel the love life or drive is changing, embrace the change and take the relevant actions. I am getting the "Shakira -she-wolf" hook in my head for this vibe. You are not closing the doors this time, dressed and polished at the end. Be the passion you need in your personal life. For those who relate and understand, you know this lack of passion in the bedroom life is spilling into the other areas of your life. It's changing who you are and how you vibrate, and it is starting to show. Virgo, in general, should be looking at ways to vibrate higher and express themselves. So if not the bedroom, then the tattoo shop for some. Whatever it is, please do it. Pursue it and allow yourself to radiate how you are meant to.
Please do it.

Sagittarius: 1 and 2- Picking up from Virgo's "ready to play with fire" vibes, Take that arrow and aim it where ever the Divine guides you. Stop holding on to the past, remember what you learned, and allow yourself to shoot for something that will satisfy that frisky and risky mood. Just allow yourself to remain the huntress and not the hunted. Right. Know that this energy will illuminate how much you have grown in all ways.

Sagittarius; 2- You have been there and done just about all of it. Recognize when it is time to make better choices. Own it. Recognize when you made the better choices without hesitation and see the growth within yourself. Toot your own horn. Also, toot the horn of someone else. Something will slow you down if you avoid the opportunities to enjoy the rain as often as you enjoy the sun.

Sagittarius: 2 and 3- You shot your arrows; now it's time to collect them and address all they are attached to. Hopefully, you will love or learn to love all that comes with your findings. Look for the positive side of what you can not control and find other ways to make a change. Push. The past three months and four will be a bit of chess playing. Not all moves are forward, be okay with that. Stay humble in these movements, as the game is not always over when it appears.

Sagittarius: 3- You take the saying " they made it look easy" to a new level every time someone tries to dim your light. Stay focused on your growth and be less attentive to what they say and do. If you stay in your lane, you will continue to thrive and move past limits. Have confidence in the changes you made and the ones you are weighing out. Three Bids is the golden rule, Trust the reasoning behind it and apply that in the various ways relevant to making the choices and avenues you plan to pursue. Look for transparency and be open to other ways of getting things accomplished. Most of the time, you reflect and remix without a thought. Trust in you. Settling down is always on the back of the brain for you. You have been putting yourself first lately, even if it's not physically or evident to those looking in. Keep going with that. Once you master loving yourself, you see and treat relationships with others differently.

Pisces: 1- I heart your high vibes and grounded nature. You have this way of being a ball of love and light and tend to do so much right. Just keep the intentions there. Pull yourself out of the going-with-the-flow vibe and back on track with the " I am the Flow" vibe. What did you want to do in the past but didn't or couldn't? Now is the time to reflect, pursue your goals, and accomplish what you desire. You are entitled to everything in life as long as you put in the work.

Pisces: 2 and 3- Friendships and dynamics should highlight what you want for yourself and what you want to avoid. Seeing where you can compromise will add value to your planning and visualizations. For those in architecture or engineering, you may put too much time and effort into the wrong part of the problem. You are on to something but got stuck on one part of the issue instead of digging deeper. Go deeper in all areas of your work. Remove the objective and review it all with fresh eyes, checking all areas. It could be as simple as checking off a box linked to the wrong code.

Pisces: 3- Watch your emotions and how you hold them back. Sometimes you must share how you feel, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Accept the risk and be okay with the outcome, regardless of what it is. Make peace with any regrets and allow space for a new you. A lot of investing and planning is going on with you. Remember to be organized or work with someone who is. Know all parts of what is unfolding and do your best to research and make time for it. Nurture this and see it through. Finish all that you start, and do not allow NO to stop you (appropriately).

Scorpio: 1 and 2- You can't change the past, but you can change how you are now and continue to move. You have plenty of avenues before you allowing you to be that change in real life versus the show you put on for those you choose to entertain. Anyone can wear a dress coat and show up at a public convention talking a good talk. It's when you have to step into the lab and demonstrate what you say you know that matters the most. If not you, then others around you will be seeing clearly, remembering things that may not align with new statements or events. For some of you,

Scorpio: 2- Not only did you talk that good talk, but you walked like no one has ever. You eloquently showed people to their seats and left jaws wide open. Be proud of yourself even if you have sore spots and bruises. Showing up is what your vibration aligns with right now, may all that you show up for be positive and productive.

Scorpio: 3- Not all who want to rekindle connections should be allowed to. Some of you will learn rejection was a redirection to something much better. Or you will be what teaches someone else such a beautiful lesson. Surround the dynamic with positive energy. Stay productive, even if only mentally. Use the "Internal Investigator" vibes to solve random crimes posted online or work towards solving some mysteries. Channel the energy in a way that brings closure, even if to someone other than yourself. This is the energy that will support your action if directed correctly.

Libra: 1 and 2- Searching high, searching low, searching externally when internally is where you know to go. Other peoples viewpoints shouldn't hold the amount of weight you allow o

ver your own life and choices. You are not in any energy that limits or keeps you to one space. Have a bit of this and some of that and mix it so that you are able to radiate the unique qualities that make you that imperfectly perfect you. Accept your flaws and accept them in others as you recognize them and assess them. This energy will help you see the reason behind the reason in the various areas of life and people you hold close enough to you. This allows you to have meaningful relationships because you are opening up and understanding why people do what they do.

Libra: 2 and 3- Souls searching should be struggling to poke it's way to the surface, depending on what you are doing with your life and how you go about it. Trust will be a fragile subject for you, but you do it beautifully when not paying attention. Did you watch Tinkerbell? The overall story is about her unique qualities and how important her own individuality is. What annoyed some about her was a pleasure to others. When she stayed in her lane, she radiated and was able to show up in ways no one could have imagined. Know who you are and where you want to be, start taking the steps, and get going!

Gemini: 1 and 2- Should I stay, should I go in perfect tune as Mya's Best of Me track. Whether this is in love, a housing situation, your job transition into a career, or an educational path: weigh those scales and pay attention. You need to focus on the moves and the upcoming ones. Make another list and rewrite it until you are on point with all tasks and on time with projects. Deadline-driven will be a powerful method for you. Even if the task has no deadline, assign one and learn how to stay realistic with the deadlines.

Gemini: 2 and 3- Events are popping up, and emotions may run high. Find ways to deal in advance so you can keep your cool. It's not always about being right in the specific situation but being right in demonstrating when to stay silent, walk away, or put an end to it maturely. Sometimes age has no impact on a person's maturity level. Be okay with that.

Gemini: 3- Take the business plan and set it into action. Do not allow life to put your dreams or aspirations on hold any longer. Every day wasted is a lesson learned on what not to do and where to improve. Resting, recharging, and regrouping is not a day wasted. What is it, what is required by the government to run it, and how to meet those requirements? DOCUMENT everything from dates, phone calls, with whom you spoke, and what was discussed. Know what the next steps are and what other steps will be needed that you can work on while waiting at any point for any reason. Invest in yourself as if you depend on it.

Cancer: 1 and 2- Learning to say yes to yourself will find its way through more often than before. Your vibration is naturally rising, and events will unfold, so you have no choice but to demonstrate value for yourself and your time. Staying selective with the crowd you keep and the arguments you partake in is a solid course to follow. The past that would tempt you or trigger you to step out of line or act louder than society likes, will return, even with different people or dynamics. This is your chapter review. Who are you, what are you about, and where are you going? Can you overlook the things that would turn you into your worst enemy at one point? Can you walk away from dynamics early on, whereas before, it would be too late? Are you matching the energy you respect and value?

Cancer: 3- Not playing yourself is what you are doing with the calculated risks you are taking. Remember to stay grounded and humble. Show appreciation, where and when it is due, and speak clearly so the universe can hear you. "What's next" is almost a thing of the past. "I can't remember when the last time" will be its replacement. Standing truthful will put you in a position that allows for that change in energy. Own your past, accept your present, and define your future fearlessly.

Leo: 1 and 2- "I want to be down" by Brandy may fit you in multiple ways. Watch your intentions and the

motives behind why you feel this way or why they feel this way if this is external to you. Whatever happens, trust your gut on it and know not all from the past deserve blocking. Some old connections are at a point in their lives that perfectly match where you are and where you plan to be. I hear "My Love" from Soul For Real's Candy Rain. It's like, "Thank God" You left my life right before it fell apart and allowed me time to find myself..... type of vibe. Like you, they pulled themselves out of the mud in more ways than one. Don't get confused with Trauma Bonding. See this clearly and see what is there and what isn't. Be okay with the outcome regardless of whatever it may be.

Leo: 2 and 3- So now that you found love, what will you do with it (as Heavy D's track starts playing in my head)? Just avoid being a blockade to your happiness. This doesn't have to be a romantic love. This also feels like a new passion or something someone turns you onto while away on vacation. Like a grown man walking into a large TOYS for BOYS depot, everything under the sun dedicated to men is there. Or like a kid in the kid store with a wad of cash. Whatever you pour your love into, it will thrive. This energy will give you the clarity to pursue it and be happy in everything you do. So please pay attention to what excites you and how you go about it. Be prepared if things go wrong and allow the unexpected to be a part of the plan.

Aquarius: 1 and 2- Paid your dues and not worried about what you can't afford after doing it. You put in a lot of work when it comes to pushing forward and accomplishing the things that matter the most to you and who you love. You took faults and turned them into improvements. You exposed vulnerable aspects of a strong personality, regardless if within yourself or of someone else. Try to find a lesson in that. This soft side to Solstice Peak allows you to take action confidently. Pursue how and what you feel is in alignment with you without expectations. Putting expectations down puts pressure where it's not needed.

Aquarius: 3- Do not feel guilty about pursuing who and what makes you happy. I can't say anything that would be more in alignment with what's coming towards you. Keep the vibes high and the intentions clear, and remain transparent. You have a vibe that can win over anyone and put you in the proper dynamics. Just don't abuse that. For those who have abused it, how's life been going? When you think it can't get worst, it probably will. Just scales are in motion with this sign, so move accordingly.

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