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Collective Energy Reading

December 16, 2023 - 7:04 AM EST

Have compassion as the energy circles back around again. The saying "Karma Got That Ass" applies.

Remember this is that energy of maintaining the balance. Avoid the ongoing "tit for tat" vibe and be the mature one to stand up, recognize it for what it is, and stand firm.

Karma got that ass will mean the same for everyone but in different areas of life based on who they deal with and what they have been continuously allowing to go on.

Channeled Song Collectively:

Group A:

There is no more being spiteful after this karmic serving was released in the passing energy shift.

You are or have been reflecting on the events and patters around you. You see the faults in your actions or someone elses actions and can't help but wonder if some of the things going on, would be as they are if you had the perspective you have now - back then. If you seen their limitations or the projected interferences that you now become aware of.

The mask feels off here. All parties are showing their cards and the game is over.

Remember, Reflect, Redirect.... Don't get stuck. Avoid the repeat of this cycle by acknowledging and recognizing. By taking corrective actions.

A healthy balance of Good guy/bad guy - saying what needs to be said and holding back what shouldn't be said.

Channeled Song:

Group B:

Embrace the crispy winter air that's already done it's job by cooling the various areas of mental conflict or confusion. Deep breaths of it in, and release what's beyond your comprehension out.

Sometimes as human beings we tend to hold onto things that should have been released along before. Such as staying in the comfort zone, while you know it's not healthy or good for you or the people involved.

Not taking the action you wish you had in the past because you feel fear of rejection or allowing yourself to be busy to avoid facing the changes you are experiencing.

Finding alternative options to get through that avoids chaos or conflict.

Embrace the challenge of going against the wind and what that entails.

Channeled Song:

Group C:

Love is on someone's brain and for all the most beautiful reasons! This is the energy that is going to set the new way of demonstrating love.

The old way of playing games and testing waters and allowing yourself to feel restricted to please others or maintain the image is done for you.

The thoughts and intentions you are radiating is to wake up and naturally be affectionate and welcome the affection of the person you wake up next to.

If you are still waking up next to someone who you feel restricts the way you can display your affection, things are changing with and without your conscious intentions. Trust the inner dialogue that's pushing you to make a change.

Regardless if it's you demonstrating more affection or asking for your person to.

Some it's an actual new relationship with a best friends that's way long over due.

Most it's new additions to a connection that act like the glue to sealing the back of a completed puzzle. It's the finalizing process of what ever has been delayed or blocked from happening.

Channeled Song:

Group D:

You wouldn't take a break so it was done for you.

Some got sick, injured, layed off, or let go in a friendship or connection that neither tried to keep going. The feeling "what are we doing here" feels relevant.

Possibly a hobby or a career that no longer fits your vibration.

Some it's allowing others to mess with you on any level and the break is from all toxicity and low vibrational energy. Just stepping back and allowing yourself to feel and embrace life without the BS.

Channeled song:

Group E:

You or those around you are realizing or about to realize that it wasn't you holding on the entire time but the one playing victim. The one playing vigilante. The one playing house wife or broken hearted homemaker.

Just remember to stay balanced as the cards fall. Karma can only keep circling back around if you continue to share that energy.

See the situation as it is, full circle, and remove yourself respectfully from anything that is not on your level vibrationally.

Channeled Song:

This portion specifically

YouTube video:

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