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Aquarius: 9 Sunsets Reading - July 31, 2022

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Aquarius the chorus of "Excuse Me" by Kevin Gates is on replay with you. Not even heaven can stand in your way. Remember this is happening for you, not to you. Remove yourself from the path of being in the business of knowing what people are saying. The Dutty Wine portion of this song should move you in a way that hits you harder than just close to home. Cutting cords and making great strides are stronger than ever for you right now. Avoid gossip and assumptions. show up and own the space you walk into. Address all concerns up front and avoid biting your tongue. Whatever situation this is the person(s) will be transparent and direct as you are. This feels like a "grown folk business" situation and all cards are face up on the table from start to finish.

Some of you are in the business of watching others very closely. I mean you know details of someone(s) that they do not even remember. Oochie Wally by Nas is on high right now with the Peace fingers emoji. Sometimes assumptions are your downfall, so the way you "stalk" is understandable. Unfortunately, "stalking" is a crime and should be a flaw you work on promptly. For some of you, it is someone doing this to you and it's because their ability to get into your energy is their favorite hobby. Testing limits and pushing boundaries to build a connection in a way that is not normally done.

There is this vibe or type of energy of stalking your way into someone's life. I got "I Wanna Be Down" by Brandy followed by " Hey Lover" by LL Cool J ft. Boyz II Men. It's not creepy let me get an order out vibe but an "I realize your cut from a different cloth" and "I am watching my step and coming correct" type of vibe. Be open and assess your must-haves in a partner when this person approaches. Something about this person just feels like they check off all of the boxes while being in that transitioning or just transitioned out of the Phonix Rising phase of continuous ascension for others it's the opposite role and they feel as though they are somewhat intimidating and or more like "out of your league".

There is a vibration of travel and studying or exploring uncharted waters. Some its solving life's mysteries and for others, it's the union alone that uplifts and causes things around you to shift as in a major energetic transformation. I got the "Cha-Cha Slide" by Mr. C The Slide Man. It's like when Tom Cruise jumped up on that couch when he came out about how much he loved Katie Holmes. This person excites you in ways you can't express with words. Just ground yourself and hold it together long enough to communicate clearly on all topics that are relevant to things taking off. For some of you, this is the vibe but when it comes to a new endeavor or a partnership, business deal, educational path, or the vibe is what your on for the "Stepping out of your comfort zone" path majority of the collective is on.

You have every reason to be excited about this path, person, business deal, or new academic choice.

Some of you have this vibe like "What They Really Want" by DMX. Set those boundaries upfront and make them clear to the people who are on the other side of them. Overall I keep getting the need to just be straightforward without fear of rejection. Be willing to take the lead or depending on what side your own, be ready to allow someone to approach you and take the lead in getting this in motion physically between the two of you... For some, it's more (different strokes for different folks).

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