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Aphrodite~ She of the Beautiful Buttocks

The sky and the sea merged as one when Aphrodite arrived. She summonsed a large scallop shell to bring her to shore in Cyprus. The Large scallop shell is her symbol of abundance and balance within self and then all around thy self. She is native to Cyprus, the gateway between Europe, Africa, and Mediterranean Asian.

Aphrodite ruffled the feathers of the Ancient Greeks. This was because while they adored her they were intimated. The intimidation stemmed from the energy all around her that radiated a powerful war spirit, fertility, and sex. She is the definition of beauty and raw sexuality. She travels with all spirit. Because of her power over destiny ALL succumb to her allure.

She shows herself as a woman whos beauty blinds those who cross her path. It is said that she also appears to sailors and those who call on her as a mermaid.

The FULL channeling portion is private and will not be shared.

As depicted in the below image you will see the power of her essence. See the male to the left, the air blowing towards her from his lips leave him weak while the woman he is with tries to hold him back from approaching her with flowers. The flowers were a gift to her as his symbol of desired proposal to her. Notice that the woman holding him back from reaching her is also showing signs of admiration in her eyes.

Notice the traditional woman to the far right who tries to cover her natural beauty. This covering is so that others will not feel so drawn to her or adore her. Masking her beauty was not just physically but they also compartmentalized her, suppressing her of her true attributes so that others were more comfortable in their skin around her.

Image Credit belongs to Lemon and Olives:

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